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A painful selfie

At a Pine Bluff Street festival yesterday, this guy is coming down the street. My sweet friend Tee and I decide we need a selfie.

We leave our tent and hit the street. I got a couple shots of Dino with some kids first. About two minutes before this shot below a hornet lands on my blouse.

As I reach out with the camera, I accidentally knocked the insect into my blouse, and feel a burn from hell on a breast. We had a little street action while I’m grabbing my girl parts trying to smash the critter. It took about 60 seconds to locate and mash the hornet.

Dino wasn’t going to wait on this for long, so we get the selfie shot.

On the backside of our tent/booth, I duck into an alcove and whip out a tit like I’m getting ready to breastfeed. I got the hornet stinger out.

A colleague happens to chew tobacco so I get a pinch, spit on it, and head back to the front door alcove to place the tobacco. So out comes the affected twin again.

Task completed, I glance into the windows and notice some small cameras. Oh great! A free peep show for some unsuspecting store owner.

I’d love to see his face if he checks his video from this weekend. Hahahaha



Loyal followers

Little different scope on things tonight. How many think reading newspapers is dead?

I can assure it is not. Based on the complaints and phone calls at a few sites in mid America, people want that paper in their hands. Right damn now.

Our image setter went out with hardware issues. (Machine that makes the plates for presses). Without plates; no newspaper.

HUGE DEAL! So 40 hours of no sleep later, I wait for a press three hours away to print.

We’ll get them out in the morning, full of inserts of course and 24 hours late.

But you can bet your sweet bippy when Mr. Advertiser says no one reads papers anymore, I’m inviting him to come on down and catch some calls if we can’t get that daily miracle out.

Now what changes do you want on that spec ad, sir?


Inner peace

Crap happens. Don’t dwell on it, deal with it. The most important question: “Can I do anything about it?”

If you can, make shit happen. Make it right.

If the answer is no, let it go. Your peace of mind is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to figure what went wrong or why something happened the way it did.

Now smile and go have a great day!


Daily grinds

This lovely rainy morning I’m reminded that not everyone shares my sense of urgency.

If I’m sending out emails at 3:30am with a PDF of your incomplete time card, it means three things:

  1. I want you to get paid
  2. It’s due by 10am, just like two weeks ago
  3. YES, I am up working. You don’t need to reply this morning to anything but the damn request.

I’m still having a good day, so don’t %#?& it up.


Last night was prom in this little town. Population is just under 10k so everyone knows each other for the most part.

At 11:30pm sirens were coming down the main road I live on, police and ambulance.

I got the worst feeling of dread knowing so many “almost adults” were out celebrating the end of the school year and the end of their high school career. All dressed up in formals and tuxes, polished for pictures and proud parents. A grand celebration before the dreams of childhood come to an end.

The sirens didn’t mean anything to me personally. I don’t have a dog in that show. None of my own kids attending. Yet there it was. I was frightened for these strangers; unknown kids and their parents. I was hoping, actually talking to a higher power, to let this night end without tragedy. At least no more serious tragedy then someone dancing with the “wrong” person.

The world could use a little more compassion. Hell, the world could use a lot of things, but if we all start with something small like a shred of compassion imagine what we could build from there. So be safe today, and know other people like me are wishing you have a great day.


It’s Time

Since this move to a different state, I find time to write a little and always mean to post something. Usually I’m on a laptop or I even scribble some bullet points on paper but I never manage to post it.

Times are changing I hope. I downloaded the app since this handy phone is my lifeline lately. It’s a crap shoot, but what the hell. I’ll give it a whirl.

A million miles from nowhere

It’s another new year but here’s the twist.

I’m far away. Far away from my kids who have been my singular purpose to survive and thrive.

I’m far away from my sister. She is the person I turn to for bouncing ideas, walking through problems and to listen when I need to vent.

Far away from my dad. This one hurts. I’m not there for surgeries, for cooking holiday dinners or even on the same schedule for regular Sunday night phone calls.

So Happy New Year to all those souls who need to know you’re not alone even if you feel like you’re a million miles away.