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Art, God-winks and Plum Creek

March 27, 2017

Is there ever a good time to deal with huge shocking life changes?
Yes, right now!  Please throw my world in a spin.

That’s how I felt on my birthday. I was laid-off after spending 21 years giving my all to bring in revenue for a large corporation.  I handled it with the grace of a woman.  It was a business decision and company leaders have choices to make that are sometimes not popular.

But it truly is all about attitude – I have been creating art and plundering through an array of different crafts over the past several years.  I didn’t feel utter defeat.

copper cross framed

Mixed media plaster and homemade paper cross.

There was a door that closed, but a set of beautiful oak french doors swung wide open.

This is my opportunity to build up my own business.  I have a little skip back in my step, and I am in control of my own destiny.  This is a God-wink to learn from, to grow and to do what I love.

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