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Strawberry Fields Forever

March 27, 2017
This is my second published article in ELMORE/AUTAUGA NEWS

Berry picking

When I was small, my greatest Spring-time joy was sneaking into my grandma’s garden to see how many strawberries it took to spoil my dinner.

Once, she made a big deal about the red stains on my face and hands, checking my forehead with great concern etched into the lines around her eyes. She had to make sure I wasn’t coming down with “Spring fever.”

A disease so horrible I would be relegated to pajamas and bed all summer while my sister and brother got to play outside and have fun.  This scene played out with strong soap and a good scrubbing allowing her to see I was, of course, invincible and ready to face the world again.


I’m telling you about this because the strawberry fields are ripe. Really ripe and even early this year.  If you’re not growing any, pack up your kids and grandkids, find a berry farm and see how many it takes to spoil your dinner.

A great website listing U-pick fields as well as picked for you fields for a variety of crops is


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