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And from the South . . .

March 30, 2017

Social media has become a raging war zone of opinions.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. have given the authors and respondents a voice, albeit not always a kind, supportive voice.

food outlet cross

Businesses have a different challenge in regards to social media.  Some have felt the wrath of the unhappy public due to their stance on issues.  Great examples are Hobby Lobby, Chick-fil-A and Lowe’s where statements or actions drove revenue changes for these companies. But these are all large corporations.  How does it affect the small business owner on social media?

It depends on the community and the overall beliefs.  Here in the bible belt of Central Alabama, a small grocery store made a bold statement for Easter and posted to Facebook.  The response so far is overwhelmingly positive.  This display in many areas of the country would be met with pure outrage and protests due to the religious nature.

This is a bold stand for a small business.  Luckily, the owners know their customer base, although there might have been a few “Bless your heart” comments thrown their way.

Time for me to grab a Coke and a smile.




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