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When you see red

April 3, 2017

From Texas to the Atlantic, weather is a coin toss.  You’re best friend is the National Weather Service.  I follow two storm chase groups and pray they aren’t in my neck of the woods in Central Alabama, and James Spann, the weather man.

Weather radar

Severe storms warnings are common.
Tornado warnings are common.

This image was from 5am.  A big improvement from the forecast six hours prior.  And the thick red line was slowly diminishing.

Local TV stations start posting lists of school and daycare closings the day before. Communities have become accustomed to social media to keep up with these closings.

And then someone posts an old closing list as a joke on a TV station Facebook page at 2am, indicating two county school districts closed.  A new threat grew within those counties’ borders.  It was a shit storm of social media postings, sharing and confusion.

And who saw red?  Parents did, when they were notified their kids absence was unexcused.

I will throw an idea out to schools – if you use social media to reach parents for all the events, football games and “good things happening” notifications; use it to let them know the status for bad weather.  




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