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April 9, 2017

No need for a clever title.  This is very brief and about one family’s difficult battle with cancer over the past three years.  Donovan and Morgan are a deeply spiritual young couple.  They have three beautiful daughters all under age seven.

Morgan and Donovan

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In April, 2014, they found out Donovan had Leukemia.  After six months of treatment, all the signs of cancer were clear for 18 months. During this time I watched with wonder at a the faith in Jesus from these two beautiful people.  Where many would fold, Morgan and Donovan were strong in the belief God protected them.  And he did see them through this storm.

Another sad April in 2016.  It was back.  For the past year family and friends have witnessed their wins and set-backs.  They got into a special program where Donovan was being treated in New York, away from family, friends and their kids.

December 28, 2016, Donovan had a bone marrow transplant.  Morgan has been documenting on Facebook.  Her wonderful posts and pictures are pure inspiration.

Today is day 101 after the transplant. A huge milestone. She posted a video of Donovan doing exercise sets with his IV backpack.  (above)

This is real life. This is the stuff books should be written about and movies made.

Donovan’s dad set up a go fund me page to help with just keeping their basic bills paid.  There is also more about this family at this link.

Any ordinary person can “Be the match” for donating marrow.  Click to find out how to get in the Marrow Registry.  And here is a great video explaining the process.


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