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What The Hell?

April 15, 2017


Thankfully, excitement in my mundane life lately is watching my limited vegetables and herbs growing on the back porch, or having to carry 100 lb., 14 year old dog back in the house because she is old and will not be in this world for much longer, or settling a dispute between my two grandsons over Legos during their 2-3 hours after school at my house.

I remember all the days from 21 years of working at a media company constantly checking the news and waiting for the next big story to break.  Always wondering if I needed to help promote coverage of it?  Are there any angles from a local standpoint that could garner pageviews for us?  Et cetera!  A bloody marketing news jackel with the old school understanding of “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Now I see the news from an outsider standpoint and wonder frequently how far the human race has degraded themselves each and every damn day.

For perspective, let me share a few current articles and news events:

How about the two folks caught having sex in the street in Martinez, Georgia at 7am on a school day?  The news folks are calling them teens, which lead you to believe they are young.  They are 19, and considered adults.   Seriously? Don’t you have a job to go to flipping burgers and demanding $15 an hour to do so?

Or maybe someone dragging a dog for miles behind a truck in Millbrook, Alabama, then leaving it in a parking lot to die? If you forget you tied your dog to the truck (that’s his story) than at least drop the pet off at the vet instead of leaving it to die.   I would have looked at a vet drop-off as a bit of remorse on the part of the pet owner, wouldn’t you?

Or maybe the Livingston, Michigan doctor performing genital mutilation on young girls, and suspected of having a long history of this type procedure.  Was there no one in that office who assisted the good doctor and noticed what the hell was happening?

United flights
And now for the corporate blunder that has taken social media and the news by storm – Flying United, kind of.  The memes are never-ending.  The attorneys are holding press conferences and out the f’ing blue, United execs have suddenly decided to change policy on passenger removal.  Wow! Who saw that coming? And who thought throwing a passenger into the seat across the aisle face first was a good idea?

I put this out there with locations to show stupidity has no geography; or any other  boundaries.  The shit is rampant.  Have I pulled my share of bone-head boo-boo’s?  I have.  Of course, they didn’t end with charges being filed against me.  Maybe I never really achieved full-on f’ed up status in my mundane life.

Or maybe I just gave a shit about the consequences of my actions and treating people the way I want to be treated.


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