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Dual-Duty Appliances – Instant Pot

May 16, 2017

The Instant Pot.  Lord have mercy,
where have you been all my life!ip

Stop right now and google Instant Pot.  Watch videos. Read the reviews. Check the recipes.  This thing has the biggest cult following I have seen since the pet rock.  A Facebook group with a half million followers.
And it’s legit.
I am a pot head.

Before the IP
I have four stove top pressure cookers ranging from 6 qt. to 22 qt.  I used any combination of them 4-5 times a week minimum.

After the IP
Haven’t used any stove top pressure cookers in months.  I really should sell three of them.  I even moved them from their sacred “under the range” storage spot to a mudroom closet.

The IP is that good.  Check out the functions below.  Pressure cook, slow cook, steam, porridge, yogurt.  That’s right, even a yogurt setting. My daughter makes cheesecake in hers.  My waist won’t allow that.  I do not visit her on cheesecake days.

I have used mine four times in a day, I think was the most.  And boiled eggs.  Put a dozen eggs in there on manual for 6 minutes, natural pressure release for 6 minutes, and an ice bath for 6 minutes.  THE PEELS FALL OFF.


There simply isn’t enough space on the internet for me to properly credit this appliance. And now they have a mind-blowing bluetooth connection and App to monitor your cooking wirelessly.  Shut the front door!

Recipes or dishes I make – I can’t even list them all.  Soups, chowders, ribs, teriyaki beef, chicken, mac & cheese, steamed veggies of all kinds.  Rice and chicken at the same time stacked, put a veggie in foil and do the whole darn meal.  Boiled peanuts, rice pudding.  It’s amazing.

Seriously, best thing in the kitchen since sliced bread!

Quick note – Great gift for college students.  I haven’t found anything barring these from dorm use yet.

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