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Dual-Duty Appliances – Oven Roaster

May 16, 2017

It’s a slow night and I’m literally watching paper dry.  I felt a bit of inspiration after talking turkey fryers so I’m expanding and sharing my limited appliance experience one by one.

roaster ovenHow many people bought this beast to have enough cooking vessels to feed maybe an entire High School Marching Band?  I bought this, mainly because I find my hand jumps out of my pocket whenever volunteers are needed to feed large groups.  I cannot control it.

A bonus is having gotten some paid gigs due to my culinary skills.  I don’t have a food license and no formal training as a chef.  Not tooting my own horn, but I am a diets’ worst enemy.  I cook old school with lots of butter and flour. I keep bacon grease in a jar in the door of the fridge.  I digress.

So back to this 22 quart wonder.  I have roasted turkeys at remote locations using this, and in less time than my conventional double ovens.  Smaller space equals less time.

If you have one or are planning this purchase, you can’t beat the price; under $50.  Other tested applications:

  • Slow cooker – 28 lbs. of pork roast turned into the best BBQ en mass.
  • Roasting – Hams or Turkeys both turn out great
  • Baking main dishes – Chicken and rice for a crowd – fed over 60; ham and scalloped potatoes produced an obscene amount.
  • Dessert Baking – holds two pies at a time (use the rack for even cooking).
  • Baked quick breads and muffins – four large loaves or eight smaller loaf pans. I bake pear bread, cranberry nut bread, banana bread, fig bread. Love that all can be done at the same time.
  • Warmer – due to the size, you can put foil pans in and keep food hot during service.  I used this at a country wedding reception to keep the BBQ meats warm (chicken and pork)

roaster addons

An excellent accessory is the buffet server.  No shortage of uses for incorporating this in a holiday feast.

Basically, if I had no oven, this would stay in a handy place in my kitchen.  I would use this if I lived in a tiny house, if you are cooking in a remote location such as a park, or even a campground.

If you have one of these big roaster ovens, I’d love to find out what you cook in it.  Let me know or share a recipe.

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