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Dual-Duty Appliances – Blender+

May 17, 2017

I’ve been culling through small appliances to reduce clutter and simplify.  I’m not cooking for 6-8 people anymore so it’s hard to justify 15 linear feet of appliance storage.  This is a preamble to downsizing my living space.

blender plusI dug out four appliances above: blender, food processor, smoothie maker and mini chopper.  What started this particular chain was my paper-making blender going tits up. It started smoking and making unnatural blender noises.  First I started shopping for a replacement, then I took the food blender and moved it to the craft room.

While shopping, I found the Blender/Food Processor combo.  Things started clicking:

  1. The kid who used the smoothie maker moved out.  I had been making them in the blender since forever.  I didn’t need an extra stand-alone tool.
  2. The food processor hadn’t been “out of the closet” for more than two years.  For whatever reason, I forgot it’s usefulness.  Paired up less useful with an 80% decline in household members; this also landed in the red X pile.
  3. The mini chopper – could I do without it?  Absolutely.  And I may at a later time.  Right now, its my cooking for two “onion chopper, cracker crumb maker, nut grinder, salsa maker.”  And it doesn’t take up much space, it’s fast to clean, and easy to access.

What have you got in your pantry?  What’s your favorite kitchen appliance?

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