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Fork Tender Cube Steak on the Fly

May 19, 2017

Tonight I needed a fast dinner in 40 minutes.  I made it happen!

I was planning on something easy, like sharing a pizza with my son since it’s Friday night.  Then, due to crazy circumstances, I volunteered to cook for my daughter and her two kids.


I hit up old reliable Google for “Instant Pot, cube steak.”   I have four packages in the freezer from a great BOGO deal.  Cube steak thaws quickly, too.

BINGO!!!  This recipe was second on the google recommendation list:  Instant pot cubed steak & gravy from Sidetracked Sarah.   I did add a smashed, minced clove of garlic and slivered up a small onion; mainly because there was meat in my Instant Pot.  It’s a habit. I set the Instant Pot for 15 minutes on manual, and put the rice on.  (I wanted to make a large batch of rice anyway.  Rice pudding is in my future this weekend.)

While everything was cooking, my extra appetites showed up.  We had some fabulous unplanned family time.  It’s nice to be able to change course and cook something delicious within an hour.  I couldn’t have done it with my Instant Pot.  If you don’t know what an IP is, search for it.   Talk to folks who have one.  It’s a great investment for folks who like cooking on the fly.

Great start to a weekend!





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  1. Great post! Thanks for the recipe!!You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!

    • I’m a follower! Your blog is great. It’s my usually my “nightcap” read.

      • Oh wow my mistake! Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy it! Keep up the good stuff on your part as well! 😄

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