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The victim was covered in black burlap

May 22, 2017

Cross-acrylic on burlapI started to dig out some boards to build something today and the weather looked threatening enough that I didn’t drag out the chop saw, cord, tools and all the excessive crap needed to work with wood.  We had 7 inches of rain yesterday, and should get more through Wednesday.   Might be Friday before I get to cut stuff up.  No complaints however; Mother Nature, you just do your thing.  I can work around you, honey!

So, I made it a wonderful evening to paint.  I’ll confess there is some form of painting gear out and ready all day, every day.  Usually I hit watercolors.  Today I dug out some surplus canvas from the craft stash and a hand full of acrylics.

I grabbed a nice royal blue, wedgewood green, black and white.

Paint crates

Less than half of acrylic paint stash.

Maybe you’re wondering why just four colors?  (Hell even the kiddy pack of crayons have eight.)  It’s not for lack of choices.  I have crates of paint to choose from.   But, I figure if I can’t make something with five colors or less, I need to put my brushes away.

And now we come to the elephant in the room.   I have an unusual amount of canvas covered in black burlap.  What was I working on that I needed more than 12 black burlap covered canvases? Cause that’s whats left.  Why did I buy all this?  I don’t recall the reason it has been taking up shelf space, but I’m putting it to work this week.  So that lovely photo at the top is the product of my Sunday solitude.  If you like it, check out more Renee originals here.

Sticking with my mantra – Make something every day!
Even on Sunday with black canvas.



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