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Croissant Buttons

May 24, 2017

Never heard of them?  Yeah, it’s a new recipe.

My daughter and I made them up today.  We were having a fabulous feast and I pulled out some refrigerator croissants in a can.  The darn things would not peal apart.  Timing was of the utmost importance after messing with the rolls for a few minutes.

Oven ready croissant buttons

So I did what most folks do in a pinch. Improvise.

I started slicing up croissant rounds. Tossed them on a baking sheet. Melted two tablespoons of butter, which I added parsley, a dash of oregano and garlic salt.  We brushed the top of each button and sprinkled parmigiana cheese just because.  Bake in a 375 for about 7 minutes.

They turned out great!  The butter gets down in the cracks with the garlic salt and herbs. Much easier than taking apart sticky dough and reforming it into a crazy triangle, too

Croissant Buttons


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  1. Awesome! I was just having that issue this afternoon. What a great idea!

    • Thanks, I found out these are delicious with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon brushed on, too.

  2. They look amazing, well done, thanks for sharing 😊

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