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May 29, 2017

Memorial day FBEach Memorial Day, many see and hear of all the plans for parties and BBQ’s.  Some folks go to their towns parade and wave flags. I’d like to believe that sometime during all this celebrating, each and every one of us take a moment to reflect on the meaning of this holiday.

It started in 1868 as a way to pay tribute to soldiers lost in the Civil War.  Almost every family lost someone or knew someone who lost a relative.  Just through my years, the footprint in the military has changed.  There are less soldiers due to military spending cuts.  The big push now is college for everyone.  More than half my friends have a relative who was a soldier.  Many have ancestors for whom this was created.

Maybe the word holiday is the wrong word for Memorial Day.  I know it’s listed on all the calendars as a holiday because it’s a three day weekend.  No school or work. What else to do besides celebrate a day off. And the retail world is always looking for a reason to have a sale.

For me, it is a remembrance day.  Without the men and women who decided to give their life for their country, would I have the freedom to sit this morning typing out my thoughts?  Read what others think on social media? Protest if I don’t like something? Would I be able to vote for city, county, state and national leaders?

I don’t have the “what if” answers. I do know when I visit Veterans Memorial Parks, or the Airplane Museums with my dad, I am so grateful he made it home every trip.  I get overwhelmed reading all the names on the plaques of casualties; those who didn’t come home. I have learned that just one or two tissues is not enough to walk a whole park.

I often wonder if family members attached to those names realize the impact.  Do they feel the hairs on the back of their neck tingle each time their hero’s name is read? Do they know strangers are walking around a park with tissues quietly reading each name? All these questions.  Without a doubt, these men and women paid with their lives to uphold the freedom we have today.

If you get the chance, go visit a Veterans Memorial Park. Take your family.  Most have picnic areas, and you can visit anytime.  And bring a box of tissues.



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