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Dual-Duty Appliances – Waffle Maker

May 29, 2017

Waffle makersWhat? A waffle maker is dual-duty?

You bet it is.

Sure, it makes great waffles that hold butter and applesauce. (syrup if you like)  But here is a list of other things that little work-horse can produce.  And here’s a tip: it doesn’t heat the whole house up.  Easy enough for the spouse, SO or kids to make too.

Waffle maker stuff1

  • Cornbread – mix it up and spoon it in.  You may have to adjust the consistency a smidge.  You’ll not believe how good chili holds in those little divots. Top it with cheese and it looks like dessert for supper.  Great with taco soup, baby lima beans and any other main dish you eat with cornbread fresh from the oven.
  • Muffin Mixes – Easy in the morning or for dessert; serve with butter, or whipped cream or pudding or ice cream.
  • Brownies – Drizzle with chocolate syrup, and decorate with shaved chocolate curls.
  • Cake mixes – Top with frosting (mix it up – butter pecan, fresh fruit, pie filling, pudding, ice cream or whipped topping

waffle maker stuff 2

  • Cookies – These can be cut in triangles and put over a rolling pin to form them in a semi circle, then stick them in a small  (or big) bowl with some ice cream.  Easy treat.
  • Hash browns – You can cook shredded hash browns and they come out crispy and somewhat stick together.  Another method is to scramble two eggs in a large bowl and mix a bit of hash browns in it, then put them on the waffle iron.  They stick together but the potatoes don’t get as crispy.
  • Zucchini patties – these worked best on a waffle iron that has temperature dial, and they cook best on high.  Mix up your favorite recipe and spoon it on.

I joked about trying refrigerator biscuits, and using with sausage gravy.  That might not be a joke in the near future.

What have you tried in your waffle maker?  Post it in the comments and I’ll try it out.

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