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Blueberry cheesecake pancakes wasn’t on today’s list

June 4, 2017

Usually there is a daily plan or list I’m working off of.  Today was no different until I took a break.

I got up early, sanded and painted an old window, cut chalk board, and then needed a fresh java upload.  Got my coffee, and sat for moment to check Etsy, two emails, Instagram, and then Facebook.

A friend on the west coast was already assaulting his friends with food porn.  First thing I see is a rib steak, with juicy butter and rosemary and blue cheese crumbles.

My belly grumbled. Next, a fat stack of blueberry pancakes.  Just quit, dammit!

OK, you got me.  The power of social media is driving my hunger.  That, and last night during a talk with my sister, she tosses blueberry cheesecake into the discussion.

So I come up with this.  Blueberry Cheescake Pancakes.

blueberry cheesecake pancakes Oh hell yes.  Cream cheese icing drizzle over hot blueberry pancakes.

I still have almost a quart of frozen blueberries in the freezer.  This might be dinner tomorrow night.

Some notes/tips:
1. N
ext time blueberries are on sale or you go to the fruit market, grab some extra, spread them in a baking pan and freeze them in a single layer. Then put them in a freezer bag or container.  Makes it real easy to grab a handful for pancakes or muffins.
2. No one wants to get out the mixer or blender to make a small amount of icing.  I use a mini food grinder.  Put two TBS of cream cheese in, and two TBS milk.  Mix it on lowest speed. Once the cream cheese is broken down a bit, add about 1/8 cup powered sugar and more milk until you get a pouring consistency.

Happy Sunday!



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