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While I’m tempted to say “nothing to see here, just move on by” because this is about me; I know there is a story in everyone.  So I’ll play along on this.  Hi, I’m Renee.

I’m over half a century old with three adult children.  There were times when child number 2 tested me in getting to this point, but I made it.  My dad was in the military so I’ve had the pleasure of living in several states.  I worked construction for 13 years after high school in the hot Florida sun, from running an inmate crew to road building to finish grade landscapes to pipe fitting.  Back then, women were so out of place on construction sites and treated with animosity. We were job stealers, keeping some poor guy from being able to support his family.  I wouldn’t have done it differently, though.

I started college at 26 as a single parent with two small kids.  I had decent grades, worked one job and made furniture to help supplement household expenses and college. I landed an internship with huge media company, and turned a 10 week intern program into an information and media marketing career I spent 21 years at.  On my birthday, November 1, 2016, I was laid off.

That lay-off was a God-wink for every aspect of my life.  Since November, I’ve taken some chances I should’ve taken years before.  I started concentrating on really selling art.  I didn’t hate my job. On the contrary, I loved it to point of neglecting my family and me and activities I love.  Was I ever sad I got laid off?  No, it’s nothing personal.  It was a business decision and not mine to make.

Are you still reading?  If you’ve made it this far I applaud you.  So, some of my passions are the Golden Rule, my family, the Pacific Northwest, mountains, fishing, art, building furniture, building/ renovating houses, cooking, B2B consulting and graphics services for small businesses, shooting trap, rivers, hound dogs, small space gardening, waves crashing on the shoreline, tiny houses  . . .

Well, I guess I am complicated.  Maybe you’ll find a story in me.  What you’ll find on this blog is a mix of subjects, from tomato sandwiches to philanthropy to art to misbehaving parents.  But I love to write, and will try to get at least one smile out of you for every post.

AND please tell me what you think.  Tell me if you laughed. Tell me if you have different views.  Tell me if you need cheering up.

Keep in mind, these are just my reflections and thoughts.  No official representation or PhD. It’s common sense to me.


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